AlloyGator® provides a cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which has been proven to substantially reduce the risk of wheel damage.

AlloyGator® is manufactured to an internationally recognised Quality Management System specification for the automotive industry.

AlloyGator® will protect your alloy wheels from kerb damage and expensive repair bills - AJ Servicing are an approved AlloyGator® supplier and installer.

  • Will AlloyGators work on Run-flat tyres
    Yes they can be used on run-flat tyres, view our gallery to see cars already fitted with AlloyGators on run-flats.
  • Will AlloyGators fit my wheels?
    AlloyGator wheel protectors will fit the majority of wheel and tyre combinations up to and including 21" wheels. AlloyGator is not suitable for stretch tyres and some wheel tyre combinations do work better than others
  • Where can I get these fitted?
    AJ Servicing are approved AlloyGator installers. Call us to book an appointment.
  • Can they be re-used?
    Yes AlloyGators can be re-fitted to the same wheels if you have new tyres or need a repair. If the profile has been heavily damaged we would always recommend fitting a replacement.
  • Tyre inflation
    Correctly fitted AlloyGators will not affect the inflation of the tyre. We recommend checking your tyre pressure 1 hour after fitting to ensure correct fitting and at regular intervals as recommended in your vehicle operating manual.
  • Fitting Information
    The AlloyGator is locked to the wheel over 360o using highly robust patented technology. AJ Servicing are approved fitters for AlloyGator
  • Insurance
    The AlloyGator rim protector is not deemed a performance enhancing product and fitting them to your vehicle should not affect your vehicle insurance premium, however we would recommend you speak to your insurance Company to discuss your own individual requirements.
  • What are they made of?
    The AlloyGator product is made of a "Super Tough Nylon" which is flexible and wont damage your alloy wheels during fitting, but tough enough to give superior protection.

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