Our Full Car Service / Interim Car Service schedules are detailed below.

You can also download Full Car Service / Interim Car Service schedules in PDF format




Complete initial checks

Drain and replace engine oil (special/synthetic oils at additional charge)

Replace oil filter

Check for engine oil leaks

Check and top up clutch fluid

Check and top up brake fluid

Check coolant/antifreeze and top up

Check gearbox oil (where applicable)

Check axle oil (where applicable)

Check automatic transmission fluids (where applicable)

Add chemical additives to remove internal contamination (where applicable)

Run engine diagnostics (where applicable)

Check steering and suspension components for wear

Check steering rack gaitors (if applicable)

Check fan/alternator belt and adjust tension if necessary

Check auxiliary drive belts for condition and tension (adjust if required)

Check power steering and top up reservoir where applicable

Check for correct clutch operation

Check propshaft, drive shaft and joints for operation and wear

Check drive shaft gaiters for play and leaks

Check brake pads for wear or damage

Check callipers for wear and leaks

Check brake shoes for wear

Check wheel cylinders for wear and leaks

Check shock absorbers for operation and performance

Visual check over of brake system, pipes and hoses for wear and leaks

Visually inspect condition of fuel lines

Inspect exhaust fixings and check leaks and noise

Check handbrake for operation and travel

Check security of hand brake linkages and lubricate if required

Check operation of headlights, indicators and other exterior lights

Check vehicle horn

Check passenger seatbelts

Check ABS warning lights

Check heater plug indicator (diesel models)

Test battery and check levels and fixings

Check windscreen wipers (and rear wiper if applicable)

Check windscreen washer operation and top up fluid

Check wheel bearings (and report play or noise)

Check tyres for condition and tread (including spare)

Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare)

Refit wheels, adjusting nut torque to manufacturer setting

Visually inspect front brakes from inside edge of wheel


Visually inspect rear brakes from inside edge of wheel


Replace spark plugs if applicable (special or long life plugs at extra charge)


Replace air filter element


Replace fuel filter (diesel models)


Check tyre wear for visual indication of steering misalignment


Remove rear wheels and check brake discs/drums condition


Remove front wheels and check brake discs/drums condition


Visually inspect coolant hoses for condition and leaks


Visually inspect expansion bottle leak and cap security


Check cooling fan for operation (where applicable)


Inspect HT leads for visual condition


Inspect distributor cap for visual condition


Inspect rotor arm for visual condition (if applicable)


Check radiator condition and for leaks


Check radiator cap condition


Check throttle linkage and lubricate (if applicable)


Visually inspect smoke emissions (diesel models)


Check for timing/cam belt replacement and report if due


Check for cabin/pollen filter replacement and report if due


Inspect fuel cap for condition and security


Check windscreen condition


Check exterior mirrors for condition


Check interior mirror condition


Check bonnet catch and lubricate (if required)


Inspect and lubricate door hinges (if required)


Check number plates condition and security


Grease steering/suspension and propshaft (if required)


Test brake fluid boiling point (if applicable)


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