"Plated" Driver Movement

Your vehicle will be collected and driven by one of our 4 drivers to the delivery destination. The driver will use trade plates to cover insurance and road tax. For a vehicle to be driven to its destination it must have a valid MOT and be in a condition that is legal to be driven on the road.

On arrival, the driver will carry out a brief inspection of the vehicle. The vehicle will then be driven to its destination for delivery. In the event of the MOT not being available or invalid, the collection will be aborted.

Transporter Vehicle Moves

A transporter will not increase the vehicles mileage and the vehicle does not require a valid MOT, although it should be roadworthy and capable of being driven onto the transporter.

The delivery driver will carry out a brief inspection before delivering the vehicle to the required destination.


We are able to offer storage facilities for your vehicle at our Essex location to suit your requirements. Charges for this service are on a flat daily rate of £5 per day.

One and Two Way Moves

A one way movement is where a vehicle is collected and delivered to a destination. A two way movement is where a vehicle is delivered and another vehicle is collected at the same location and moved to a second destination.


Whilst in our possession the vehicle will be insured by our goods in transit insurance, a copy of which is available upon request.

The vehicle will be insured for the time between the collections. Damage should be noted as any damage not identified will not be accepted by AJ Services. We will only be held responsible for damage resulting from our negligence and shall exclude Acts of God or any damage occasioned by the normal operation of the vehicle.

In the event that we are responsible for damage we reserve the right to repair the vehicle using our preferred repair team. Any repairs occasioned under this clause will be completed to the vehicle manufacturer's standard using original or equivalent standard parts.


In the event that an order is cancelled the following scale of charges will apply depending on the notice period : Notice period: Charge Less than 1 full working day: 100% of the order 2-3 working days: 50% of the order over 3 working days : No charge

To cancel please contact us using the personalised telephone number you have been given and confirm by e-mail. For the avoidance of doubt we will use the e-mail as the notification date for the purpose of billing and cancellation. We will only be responsible for those items provided to us at collection of the vehicle such as keys, V5, MOT certificate, road fund license

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